Staycation Ideas

Our family staycations a lot…. We transform ordinary weekends into something special, treating that time as a staycation. Throughout the year, we claim three and four day weekends for staycation fun rather than drown in chores and honey-do lists.

That doesn’t mean we never travel! But, travel involves time and money we don’t always want to spend. A three day weekend escape that includes ten hours of driving wastes a lot of time! Every three day weekend away means higher costs for lodging, gas and car maintenance. So, we staycation and save!

Staycation Planning and Preparation

You can experience fabulous staycations too! These articles should get you started!

  1. The Making of a StaycationWhile this article explains how we create our Staycation in a Box product line, you can use the information to create your own staycation experience. (But…. don’t you want to save the time and let me do the work for you?)
  2. Staycation Success: Attitude! Successful staycations start with the right attitude. Treat staycation like a true vacation, not just another ordinary weekend!
  3. Staycation Mistakes. This post explores common staycation mistakes and offers suggestions to overcome them. Staycation planning makes a difference — learn how!
  4. A Reader’s Staycation Experience. This is how one family created a Swiss Vacation at home.

Staycation Weekends: Turn Ordinary Weekends into Extraordinary Memories with these Staycation Themes.

A little inspiration goes a long way. These staycation ideas will help you plan the perfect family weekend! Easy to implement and great for the budget!

  1. Backwards Weekends – Inside out and upside down…. A little crazy fun goes a long way!

The Staycation in a Box Product Line

  1. Introducing Staycation in a Box. This is where it all began. This post introduces the product line, including an explanation of everything included in each bo
  2. What Goes into the Making of a Staycation Box . Each Staycation in a Box involves dozens of hours of research and development. Read this post to discover how we create our fabulous staycation adventures! 
  3. 23 Ways to Use Staycation in a Box. Staycation in a Box products make great gifts. This list (we’ve actually come up with 31 uses for Staycation in a Box) shows just how versatile the product is!