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Scavenger Hunt for the Car

We spend a lot of time on the road, this weekend traveling to Birmingham, Alabama for a three day weekend with our son in college. To pass the time, we play car games, lots and lots of car games. This trip, we came up with a great new scavenger hunt for the car!

This easy game starts by making a list of items to find. We included 12 items on our list, with each of us contributing three. Some we knew would be easy to find, while others required a patient search. The list can be customized for any trip (especially if parents know some cool landmarks to watch for). Here’s ours for a trip from Atlanta to Birmingham:

  • construction sign
  • American flag
  • McDonald’s golden arches
  • water tower
  • Alabama state flag
  • Pepsi sign
  • helicopter
  • Blue “H” hospital sign
  • miles to Birmingham sign
  • church steeple
  • water tower
  • motorcycle

Here’s how we played Car Scavenger Hunt, though the rules can be modified to make it more competitive. Once we made our list, we all looked for the items, working cooperatively. Whenever someone found an item, they pointed it out so we could take a picture. (YAY for smartphone technology!) To make it easier for our youngest, she was assigned some of the easier items to search for one at a time: the McDonald’s arches and American flag.

The goal was to find and photograph each item before reaching our destination. We didn’t complete the list, but we found most of them. Even nicer, when I told the kids to pack up their car stuff, they were shocked to learn we were only five miles from our hotel. I truly think it was our easiest and “quickest” car trip ever! Car Scavenger Hunt will definitely stay on the travel activities list!

Have you ever played this game?

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