Technology for Road Trips

Where would we be without technology for road trips? With fall here and the kids back to school, weekend getaways and day trips replace vacations. Kids, squished together in the back seat, scream, “OOOOOhhhhh…. MOMMYYYYYYY…. he touched me!!!!” We’re tempted to roll down the window and jump to freedom. Or at least to stuff our ears with cotton!

But there is a solution! Three, actually!

Pandora! For more than 10 years, Pandora has been working on the Music Genome Project to create unique “radio” stations based on songs and artists you select. Pandora offers hours of music with few commercial interruptions, including kids music, classical, Broadway/musicals and everything else. It’s simple to use, just follow the directions on the app.

Beyond simply listening, use Pandora to challenge the family to a musical “game.” As each new song begins, the first person to guess artist or title wins a point. Name artist AND title and get three points. First person to ten points wins!

Books on Audio! Cracker Barrel restaurants offer a large selection of books on audio to use during travel. Especially helpful when traveling through rural areas and mountains where internet and radio signals are spotty, listening to books on audio can entertain the entire family for hours. Get lost in the story, but please… don’t get lost on the road!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy a book-on-audio CD at any Cracker Barrel location (tuck the receipt inside the case!)
  2. When done with the book, return it to any Cracker Barrel location for a full refund minus $3.49 for each week you kept it.
  3. Do it again!
Redbox! Sure, movies entertain kids for hours… and they’ll watch the same movies again and again. Adults, though, go bonkers if they hear the same thing over and over. And carrying the movies takes up precious space in the car. Instead, rent a flick from Redbox and return it when done. For a small fee, currently $1.09 plus applicable tax per night, rent movies to entertain the entire family. Return them to any one of the 30,000 Redbox location throughout the country and get another one for the trip home.
Use these technology for road trips to entertain your family. No ear plugs required!
Happy travels!

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