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Give kids the camera

When we vacation, I tend to take most of the photos, but sometimes, I give kids the camera. To see what they consider “photo-worthy” occasionally surprises me. Mostly, their  photographic eye catches wonders I’d never see through my lens. Their vacation photography may not be National Geographic worthy, but to me, each image is a priceless treasure.

I hope you enjoy this vacation photography of the Mariposa Grove at Yosemite National Park, taken by my son, Ben.

Look up!

His view… why do I look so tired?

Look at all the long straight tree trunks, so different from home.

Devastation from a forest fire. Where did all the animals go? Are they okay?



Why not take a picture of Mom taking a picture? 🙂


It looks like a giant broom!


Ellie is REALLY tiny!!!


Good night, Yosemite.

Give kids the camera! See the world from your child’s perspective. It’s beautiful!

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