What is the Busch Gardens meal deal?

The 2023 price for the All-Day Dining Plan-- when purchased as an add-on, is: $49.99 -- adult $24.99 -- kids 3 to 9

The dining plan lets you get a full meal every 90 minutes at the park. That includes an entree, a side dish or dessert and a non-alcoholic beverage.

Now that you know what the Busch Gardens Meal Deal is, it's time to decide if it's worth it. Let's look.

3 X $20 + $8 = $68. For the hearty eater, the Busch Gardens All-Day Dining Plan is a good deal.

The grazer eats... Salad and beverage: $12 Fries and beverage: $6 Dessert and beverage: $6 Burger, fries and drink: $16 Fresh fruit and drink: $6 TOTAL = $46 Close, might be worth it for the convenience or if ordered with a combo ticket!

SCENARIO 3: The coaster junkie

Busy running from coaster to coaster, the light eater grabs food now and then, but is more focused on rides. Hot dog and drink: $13 Fries and drink: $8 Hot dog and drink: $13 TOTAL: $34

If you're not likely to eat full  meals, the dining plan is convenient, but may not be a value add-on.

Basically, the meal plan is worth it if you will eat often during the day -- whether full meals or snacks. We explain it fully in our review if you want the full breakdown. BUT, there's more...

There are ticket packages that offer greater savings!

For most pass holders, the All-Day Dining Plan is a good deal if you'll be at the park all day.

In summary,  the Busch Gardens All-Day Dining Plan can be a good value. But, it's not always worth it. Read the article for the full breakdown!

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