Meet Karen Dawkins

Hello! I’m Karen, the woman behind the scenes (and sometimes in the photos) here at Family Travels on a Budget. I’m the main writer, photographer and travel researcher, just like at home for my family!

When I started Family Travels on a Budget, I didn’t expect it to become a career. I started the site to share our family’s time tested, budget stretching travel tips with friends who wanted to know our savvy travel methods. As time went on, more people started reading the blog. And now, it’s my career.

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As with anything, the more I travel, the more I learn.

So…. While it all started with sharing travel planning tips like how to calculate travel expenses for vacation, the site has evolved.

Today, I share practical tips, like our 7 day cruise packing list. I write about things to do with kids, like a round up of the best family hiking vacations in the United States. Often, I write about our family vacations, and my family generously allows me to use them in photos!

I enjoy working with the destinations I visit to share them with you. I call myself a curious traveler. I love learning the behind the scenes stories of locally owned restaurants, inns, and even private museums that are open to the public. I enjoy discovering outdoor spots worth a trek and trying new adventures, some of which I am bad at…. You won’t see many ski resorts here because I can’t ski! But, hot cocoa at the ski lodge? SURE!

Since starting Family Travels on a Budget in 2012, I’ve collaborated with many partners including tourism boards, hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, car companies and more. It’s an honor to work with brands like Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, Toyota and Lexus. I’ve worked with 19 states (and counting) as well as many Caribbean destinations (also still counting).

Where family Travels on a Budget is featured

I am honored to share that I was selected as an Expert Panel member for 10Best Readers’ Choice with USA Today for travel.

Of course, I regularly publish content on my blog, often with input from my favorite travel companions (hubby, daughter and sons).

You can also find my work online at:

and on various travel blogs as a contributing writer.

I have appeared in print at The Homeschool Handbook and as a copywriter for various industries.

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Work With Me

I truly enjoy collaborating with partners to bring fresh travel ideas to my readers and would love the opportunity to work with you. I am available for:

  • Brand Ambassadorships,
  • Copywriting,
  • Freelance Writing,
  • Marketing Campaigns,
  • Social Media Campaigns,
  • Sponsored Content,
  • and, of course, traditional travel blogging.

Reach me at kadawkins@gmail.com.

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Current and Recent Partnerships

I work regularly with CVBs and DMOs at destinations across the United States. I consider it an honor to share each place’s unique story with my readers and social media followers.