Cruise traveler’s Guide to the Bermuda Bus and Ferry System

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If you’re planning a cruise to Bermuda, you might notice that many people recommend using the Bermuda bus and ferry system. But, easy to understand information for how to use Bermuda public transportation is hard to find. Since Bermuda public transportation is both economical and easy to use — once you know the basics –. we wrote this cruise guide to the Bermuda Bus System. Everything you need, all in one place!

Bermuda Pink Bus.

The article starts with an overview of the Bermuda bus and ferry systems. Then we will cover costs and payment options. And finally, we will include a list of some of the most popular Bermuda destinations, including routes, cost and “estimated” travel time.

So, let’s get started!

Overview of the Bermuda Bus and Ferry System

The Bermuda Bus System

The Bermuda Bus System, known locally as the “pink and blue,” is incredibly efficient. Bermuda has 11 bus routes throughout the island. Yes, technically it’s multiple islands, but they’re connected by bridges, so I am using the word island. The ferry system adds more flexibility, particularly to Hamilton and St. George’s.

Each Bermuda bus route starts at the Hamilton Bus Terminal, address: Washington Street next to City Hall, though you can get on the bus at any stop along the route. Each route ends at a specific point before returning to Hamilton. In other words, all bus routes are out and back.

All bus stops are marked with a pink pole or a blue pole. See where that “pink and blue” name comes from? The pink routes are headed TOWARD Hamilton (back to start). The blue routes are headed AWAY from Hamilton (toward their end point).

Bus stop at Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda.
The white shelter is the bus stop. The pink pole means that bus is going TOWARD Hamilton.

Most tourist spots have a bus shelter or pull off area for the bus (see photo, below). Though, if you go someplace off the beaten track, your stop might be just a pole along the side of the road, though popular tourist destinations are located at pull-off stops.

In general, you can expect a bus just about every 15 minutes throughout the day. Though, we waited once for 20 minutes.

There is no charge whatsoever for helpfulness and friendliness! Bermuda public transportation is clean and safe, and the bus drivers are incredibly helpful. When getting on the bus, be sure to say hello. Then, ask them to let you know when to get off at your desired stop. They’ll make sure you know when your stop is coming up, and will provide directions as needed to walk the rest of the way.

The Bermuda Ferry System

The ferry is also part of Bermuda public transportation, running from the Royal Naval Dockyard to Hamilton or from the Royal Naval Dockyard to St. George’s.

Two other ferry routes, less often used by cruise travelers, run between Hamilton and Somerset Village and between Hamilton and Rocakaway (George’s Bay).

The ferry between the cruise port and Hamilton is especially popular with cruise guests. On Wednesdays in summer, extra ferry routes are offered to accommodate those who want to attend Harbour Nights in Hamilton.

Bermuda ferry schedule 2024.


NCL offers a free ferry between the Royal Naval Dockyard and St. George’s, only for NCL passengers. It’s located near the ship and has a set schedule each day the ship is in port.

Bright pink ferry "Spirit of St. George" operated by NCL to provide free transportation to St. George's in Bermuda for ship guests.
NCL’s FREE ferry to St. George’s.

The NCL ferry schedule to St. George’s will be listed in your “Freestyle Daily.” Below is an example from our sailing — times will vary with weather and seasons.

NCL ferry schedule in Bermuda, only for guests sailing on Norwegian Cruise Line.
Sample ferry schedule for NCL passengers on the free ferry.

Cost to use Bermuda Public Transportation

There are several ways to pay for Bermuda bus and ferry rides.

  • Cash: This is the most expensive way to use public transportation, but it is convenient. Bermuda accepts USD as a 1 for 1 exchange with the Bermudian dollar, so you can pay cash for each ride. Exact price only. Drivers cannot provide change. A one way ferry ride is $5/person over age 15; $2.75/person ages 5-15; free under age 5. A one way bus ride is priced based on distance from Hamilton. A 3-zone bus ride is $3.50/person and a 14-zone bus ride is $5.00/person. Children ages 5-15 are $2.75 for all zones. Here’s a guide to zone fares in Bermuda to help you plan.
  • Tokens: If you plan to use the bus and ferry system a few times, tokens save a little money. Current prices are $2.75/person for 3-zone and $4.50/person for 14 zone. You can purchase tokens at the visitor information center near the ferry in the Royal Naval Dockyard.
  • Tickets: 15 ticket booklets, which are available in Hamilton at the bus terminal office, are $37.50 for 14 zone and $25 for 3 zone. This is the cheapest alternative, but you have to go to Hamilton to get the ticket booklet. Tickets can be shared among all guests in your party, but they cannot be sold to others.
  • Passes: Most convenient, transportation passes are offered for 1, 2 or 3 days (or longer for land guests), and offer unlimited rides on all Bermuda public transportation until the pass expires. Rates begin at $19 for one day passes. We purchased a three day unlimited pass, and broke even compared to using tokens. We enjoyed the flexibility of the bus pass for our trip.

Ferry rides are considered complete trips, unless going from Hamilton to St. George’s with an uninterrupted stop at the Dockyard.

Bus rides are charged only once, so if you have to transfer buses to get to your destination, the bus driver will provide a transfer ticket so you don’t have to pay for another bus ride. If you have the unlimited pass, you don’t need transfer tickets.

For current rates, visit the Government of Bermuda bus fares page.

How Bermuda public transportation works

So, you know it’s safe. You know it’s inexpensive. You have your passes or tokens in hand. Now, how does it really work?

Let’s start with the ferry. You have two options from the Royal Naval Dockyard: the ferry to Hamilton or the ferry to St. George’s (NCL uses its private ferry for St. George’s). Both depart from the wharf, right near the visitor information center. People begin lining up about 15 minutes before the scheduled departure — see the above schedule. A one way trip from the Dockyard to Hamilton is about 20 minutes. A one way trip to St. George’s is about 45 minutes — and if you sit on the right side, you can see lots of Bermuda along the way!

Strollers and wheelchairs are allowed on the ferry. Crew will assist those in wheelchairs.

For buses, you need to know your route! If you’re in Hamilton, go to the Bermuda Bus Terminal to catch the bus to your destination. If you’re in the Dockyard, you can catch Bus 7 to go to the South Shore Bermuda Beaches (Jobson’s Cove, Horseshoe Bay). It’s a one bus trip, no changing buses required. Just let the driver know which beach you’re visiting and they’ll let you know when you reach the stop. To get back to the Dockyard, you’ll want the blue bus stop, which will be across the street from the one that dropped you off.

It’s that easy!

Popular attractions in Bermuda and how to get there!

We traveled all over Bermuda using public transportation and found it to be very easy and safe. Both the bus drivers and locals we met made sure we knew which stop was ours, and often shared local information along the way. It is a little slower than if you hire a private car or taxi, but it’s a lot cheaper!

Yield: Travel easier!

Popular Attractions in Bermuda

Popular Attractions in Bermuda

Use Bermuda Public Transportation to get to popular attractions! Download this list to take with you! Prices listed are cash price at the time of this publication (2024).


  1. South Shore Beaches (Horseshoe Bay, Jobson's Cove, Warwick Long Bay, Elbow Beach) -- Bus 7 from the Royal Naval Dockyard across from Clocktower Mall. Let driver know which beach you want to stop at -- $3.50-$5.00/adults. Travel time 25-30 minutes to Horseshoe Bay, 45 minutes to Elbow Beach.
  2. Crystal Caves/Grotto Bay/Swizzle Inn/Blue Hole Park -- Two options! (1) Ferry to Hamilton, walk three blocks to Bus Terminal, then Bus 1 to the Caves. $5.00/ferry and $5.00/bus. Travel time about 1 hour total. (2) Ferry to St. George's, walk two blocks to bus stop (ask for directions), then Bus 1 to the Caves. $5.00/ferry and $3.50/bus. Travel time for both routes is about 1 hour. Let the driver know which stop you want.
  3. Tobacco Bay -- St. George's Ferry. NCL passengers take free ferry. Others $5.00/adult. From the ferry, it's a 20 minute walk to Tobacco Bay. You can catch a cab at the wharf if you don't want to walk.
  4. Botanical Gardens -- Bus 7 from the Dockyard. $5.00/adults. 50 minutes.
  5. Ocean Discovery Center (at Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute) -- Bus 7 from the Dockyard. $5.00/adults. 55 minutes.
  6. Hamilton/Front Street/Harbour Nights -- Hamilton Ferry from Dockyard. $5.00/adult. 20 minute ride.
  7. St. George's -- St. George's Ferry from Dockyard. $5.00/adults. 45 minutes. NCL passengers can use free ferry from the Wharf near the ship.
  8. Bermuda Zoo (Aquarium and Museum -- Called BAMZ) -- Ferry to Hamilton, then Bus 10 or 11 to the Aquarium and Zoo. $5.00/ferry. $5.00/bus. 20 minute ferry ride, then walk 3 blocks to the bus terminal and take Bus 10 or 11 for 20 minutes.
  9. Fort St. Catherine -- St. George's Ferry. NCL passengers take free ferry. Others $5.00/adult. From the ferry, it's a 30 minute walk to Fort St. Catherine. You can catch a cab at the wharf if you don't want to walk.
  10. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse -- Bus 7 or Bus 8 from the Dockyard. $5.00/adults. Short walk from the bus stop to the lighthouse.
  11. Somerset Long Bay (shallow beach) -- Bus 7 or Bus 8 from the Dockyard. $3.50 adults. 15 minute ride.

When visiting Bermuda, save money and use the bus like the locals do. It’s safe. It’s clean. And, it’s easy to use! To find bus routes to other places in Bermuda, I recommend Bermuda4U. I also recommend the Government of Bermuda Bus Information for route times and current rates.

Enjoy Bermuda! And be sure to say hello to your driver!