SeaWorld All-Day Dining Deal: Is it worth it?

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Do you know what it’s like feeding TWO teenage sons at a theme park? Expensive! These guys are bottomless pits! Thankfully, Sea World’s All-Day Dining Deal is a good value and helps us stretch our travel budget!

What is the Sea World All-Day Dining Deal?

SeaWorld’s All-Day Dining Deal is a convenient, all-you-care-to eat meal plan that allows you to eat selected Sea World restaurants every 90 minutes, all day, until 30 minutes before park closing.

Each time you use the Sea World all-day dining plan, you can get a main dish, dessert and non-alcoholic beverage. Kids ages 3-9 can get a complete kids meal when using the all-day dining plan. Sharing meals is not allowed, and there are some limited food exclusions.

Which SeaWorld restaurants are included in the dining plan?

Sign above entrance to Voyagers Smokehouse at SeaWorld Orlando

This year, SeaWorld all day dining participating restaurants include:

  • Voyager’s Smokehouse (excludes the baby back ribs).
  • Expedition Café
  • Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs
  • Seafire Grill
  • Lakeside Grill
  • Altitude Burger
  • Panini Shore Café
  • Waterway Grill

How much is the SeaWorld All-Day Dining Deal?

SeaWorld food prices range from $16-$24 for adult meals. Drinks and desserts are an additional $3-$6, each. Kids meals are $10-$12 each. Food costs add up quickly!

By comparison, the All Day Dining Plan cost for 2023, when purchased online is:

  • Adults (ages 10 plus): $49.99
  • Child (ages 3-9): $24.99
  • Under 3 eats from adult plate for free.

When you purchase the dining plan, you’ll get a food wrist band that makes “paying” quite easy. We didn’t have to go through the register line. We just showed our wrist bands as we passed by the clerks and they waved us through. I’m not sure that this is the actual policy, but we sure appreciated the convenience when we were there.

Tips for using SeaWorld all day dining plan

We discovered some great tips and strategies to get the most from the SeaWorld all day dining plan.

1. SeaWorld all day dining includes breakfast

The SeaWorld All-Day Dining breakfast includes options at SeaFire Grill and Expedition Cafe. The menu offerings are fairly limited, but you can get fruit, cereal, muffins and drinks as you come into the park which makes the dining deal a better value. Enjoy breakfast as you look over the show schedule to plan your day!

2. The all-day dining plan can be used just for bottled water

The intense Florida sun saps energy. Having chilled, bottled water available throughout the day ensured we drank enough. Every 90 minutes, even if we weren’t hungry for another meal, we could go through the line and grab a bottled water (or soda). We did!

3. The SeaWorld all-day dining plan can be used for snacks!

While the dining plan includes a main dish, side or dessert and drink doesn’t mean you have to get it all. You can use it all day long for snacks! We got fries and soda before going to a show and enjoyed a snack mid-afternoon.

My teenagers often went through the line just to grab fruit or fries and bottled water. They easily ate more than the cost of the meal deal — and loved the convenience of it!

4. Look for the short line!

Whether you use the all-day dining deal or not, always check all open restaurant lines. Most people seem to queue up at the first line they see leaving the less visible line (along the edges) short and quick!

5. You don’t have to buy a meal plan for everyone in your group!

Some theme parks require you to purchase the same package for every member of your group. If you have a light eater, someone on a special diet who needs to bring food into the park for medical reasons, or someone who wants to eat funnel cake and cotton candy all day, skip the meal plan for them. It’s not required for every member of the family. However, pay as you go members of your group will have to go through the register line every time they eat.

6. Sharing meals is not permitted, except with children under age 3

Remember, with SeaWorld all day dining, sharing is not permitted, except with a child under age 3. The dining deal is a true discount compared to regular menu prices, and honoring this policy ensures that the price stays down.

Entrees at Mango Joe's quick serve restaurant at SeaWorld Orlando

Is SeaWorld’s All-Day Dining Deal worth it?

Of course, before spending $49.99 per person for food, which sounds expensive, it helps to know if SeaWorld’s All-Day Dining Deal is a good value! For this family, that thrives on budget travel and stretching every vacation dollar, we say yes!

We compared SeaWorld food prices (al a carte) to the dining plan for one of our kids.

Our son ate the following (al a carte Sea World food prices listed):

  • Lunch at SeaFire Grill (entree, dessert and soda): $22
  • Snack at Mango Joe’s (fresh fruit cup and water): $9
  • Bottled water on the run: $4
  • Snack at Captain Pete’s (fries with cheese sauce and soda): $9
  • Dinner at Panini Shore Cafe (panini, chips and water): $15
  • Snack at Mango Joe’s (fresh fruit cup and soda): $9
  • “Second Supper” at Captain Pete’s (footlong hot dog with fries and soda): $16

Totaled, his SeaWorld food menu costs would have been $84. We saved both time and money by purchasing the meal plan.

While I do not eat as much as my son, I still saved an easy $20 using the All-Day Dining Plan compared to full price SeaWorld food prices.

Without a doubt, the SeaWorld dining plan discount offers a tremendous value! Unless you plan to picnic at the park (coolers are not allowed inside the park, but picnic benches are available), the All-Day Dining Deal is worth it!


SeaWorld All Day Dining Deal: Which SeaWorld Restaurants are included and is it worth it?

Our opinion of the SeaWorld All-Day Dining Deal

Of course, my husband and I appreciated the value of the dining deal. Some menu items at participating SeaWorld restaurants are not included (the full plate of baby-back ribs at Voyager’s Smokehouse) and only the named restaurants participate. Snack stands, character dining and specialty restaurants are not included. Still, the cost savings is worth it.

We will choose all you can eat SeaWorld dining deals whenever we go as long as the plan continues to offer meals every 90 minutes.

Both our boys loved being able to eat whenever they wanted — definitely not something we usually do at theme parks.  All of us appreciated having fresh fruit, salads and water available for healthy options.

 **For Current Dining Plan Costs and Information, visit the dining plan link here.**