How to dine for less on vacation

Feeding our family of five, two of whom are teenage boys, on vacation can be pricey! In earlier posts I shared the cost savings and convenience of packing food for a road trip. Here are some money-saving tips to dine for less at your destination.
Dine for less and have money left over for dessert! Oh yeah!

6 tips to save on dining during travel

Groupon. This may be the easiest way to save money when you travel, on more than just food. You must create an account to use the service, but the site offers 50% savings on food, entertainment, spa treatments and sometimes even on lodging. Be sure you read the fine print for exclusions and expiration dates. Please use my referral code if you use Groupon from this site. Thank you!

Entertainment Books. These coupon books have been around forever! Today, you can purchase the traditional coupon book or upgrade to the mobile version. Simply log in to the region you’ll be visiting to discover restaurant, shopping and attraction coupon offers. Do the coupons include places you want to go? Then, click and save when you dine for less! If you prefer the book, order at least two weeks before your trip to allow sufficient shipping time.

Restaurant.com. This website discount coupons to restaurants throughout the United States. Simply enter the zip code where you’ll be staying and search restaurant options to discover new places to eat for less. Purchase a $25 coupon for $10 and save $15 on your meal.
To make the most of Restaurant.com:
  • Read the fine print before you buy. Some coupons restrict time of use (not on weekends or dinner only) while others expire (usually at least six months out).
  • Do a “google search” of restaurant.com coupon codes. This site regularly offers discounts off the price listed on the site. Enter the code at checkout for greater savings. (I usually get $25 coupons for $4, a $21 savings off menu price)
  • Some restaurants factor the tip when you use the coupon. Check your receipt to see if tip is already included. If not, DO TIP your server on the FULL PRICE of your dinner. You may be saving money, but they are working based on the full order. Thank you!
Living Social. This website works much like Groupon, offering dining, activities, shopping and vacation deals throughout the world. Create an account. Search the city or type of deal that interests you and purchase savings vouchers for your vacation. Savings can be as much as 75%.
Search for Coupons Online. A quick search, such as “restaurants coupon” might result in a list of coupons you can use. Hilton Head, SC offers many dining coupons through its local website. Other cities offer coupons, too, but if I don’t find them quickly I use a different source!
Meal Packages. Amusement parks offer dining packages like this one to save you money. If you plan to eat all or most of your meals at amusement park restaurants this option might save you money.
With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can save 10-50% and dine for less! That’s a worthwhile tip!

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