How to CRUISE for FREE!

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My phone beeps… another text. “We need to go on vacation together. SOON!”

I laugh. I get this message a lot.

A year ago nobody invited me on vacation. My travel secrets were safely tucked away in my brain… only my family knew we traveled well. On a tiny budget!

Now, I get invited to places all over the world. How fun is that? I don’t get to go very often, but that’s okay…

Sometimes, I go…

Sometimes, I plan a trip and surprise someone with a fabulous, FREE vacation!

cruise for free

How to Cruise for FREE!

My mom celebrates her 70th birthday this December. And she has been asking to be included on a trip for months… SO, November 4th, I am whisking her away to the Caribbean for that long dreamed about cruise vacation. Now, before you say, “Awwwww…. so sweet!” OR “Must be nice to have that kind of dough…” OR something in between, we are cruising for FREE! And you can too!

I use a travel points credit card to buy groceries, gas, clothes and anything else I need. I also pay my cell phone, cable and garbage bill with the credit card. I’m paying those bills anyway, so why not get something for it?

I do NOT overspend. If the money for said clothes is not in the budget for the month, I don’t shop. I pay the bill IN FULL every month.

It’s important to pay that credit card bill in full every month. Be disciplined. Otherwise, you get the “free cruise,” BUT you pay interest which cancels out the savings. Make sense?

cruise for free 2

Cruise now — for less!

Do you want to cruise now without waiting for those free cruise points to accumulate?

Great news!

Cruise lines are offering great deals on cruises this season! Kate Maxwell of Condé Naste Traveler reports that cruise prices are 12% below last year. I sure have seen some great deals!

If you need a getaway from the gray clouds and workday stress, consider a cruise…. Here are some great deals to get you started!

Cruise discounts through CheapTickets — offering deals and onboard credit for several cruise lines.

Winter cruise discounts through Royal Caribbean — our favorite cruise line is offering some fantastic deals this winter! Supply is limited. (My mom and I are traveling on RC. The cash value of our outside cabin was $416 for a 4 night cruise!!! Best deal out there!)

National Cruise Month sales at Carnival — rebuilding their image, Carnival has some great deals. Again, the best cruise deals have limited availability. If you find the right deal at the right time, book it!

There you have it…. Cruise for free or cruise for less. If cruising is on your bucket list, October is the best month to book that trip — I’d be happy to join you! 😉

This post may contain affiliate links.