Saving for Disney like Scrooge McDuck

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Ahhhh… Disney! It’s a dream vacation for many of us. But, for some, it’s a dream that can seem out of reach. Some people charge a Disney vacation to credit cards and deal with the aftermath later. But, saving for Disney in advance is possible. We just need to learn from Scrooge McDuck…

And, some creative ways to save money for Disney World!

Image of Scrooge McDuck with a title that says "5 ways to save like Scrooge McDuck on your Disney vacation."

The vacation savings account!

If you’ve never considered a vacation savings account, it’s one of the best ways we know how to save for Disney World or any vacation. We use a dedicated online savings account just for vacations and move money into it each month.

Using a Marcus Online Savings Account, we get a great interest rate which helps our savings grow even faster. And when considering how to save for Disney World, passive income like interest earned is reallly helpful!

Some months our vacation savings account gets $25. Other months, we can add $200. Eventually, though, we have enough saving for Disney to take that dream trip.

So, here’s how to save for Disney World while still living your everyday life.

1. Don’t be afraid to start small.

In 2013, Forbes Magazine estimated Scrooge McDuck’s wealth to be around $65.4 billion, up from a modest $28.8 billion in 2007. But even Scrooge, with his vast fortune, had to start small. Scrooge started with a single dime and within a year had saved $1,000,000.

Of course, most of us can’t save that much in a year! But when considering ways to save money for Disney World, a “start small” mentality might be easier than trying to find the money quick.

It may seem insignificant to start saving spare change, but no amount is too small. It all adds up. The earlier you start saving for Disney, the more money you can accumulate without having to make big sacrifices in your household budget. And, that means you’ll have more money at your disposal when it comes time to book that trip.

2. Have a designated Disney money bin.

Scrooge was known for hoarding his money in a giant bin on Killmotor Hill in the city center of Duckburg. And while he was perhaps a bit overly stingy, he had the right idea. You can’t save money if you have it in a place where you can spend it.

And whether you’re trying to learn how to save for Disney World, or just trying to get more disciplined with your finances, this is a really helpful way to plan. Of course, knowing how much you need for vacation helps, too, so you can set a goal for that Disney money bin!

The dollars and cents you’re saving for Disney should go someplace where you can’t easily get to it. Open a special travel savings account that isn’t attached to your regular checking account or debit card. That way, you have to think about transfering funds out of your “saving for Disney” account before you use them.

If the money’s not readily available, you’re less likely to “blow it” on an impulse purchase.

3. Remember, there’s “always another rainbow.”

Scrooge is known for saying, “There’s always another rainbow.” He simply meant he’s willing to set ambitious goals and face challenges in order to find new opportunities.

When looking for ways to save money for Disney World, this is another creative idea.

If you’re having trouble adding money to your travel savings account, try looking to other avenues. Get creative and think outside the box about how to save dollars and cents.

Print off a list of recent transactions from your bank. Examine your credit card spending. Circle the smallest expenses: the five dollars here and there that you spend on unnecessary snacks at the gas station, the few dollars spent on lunches out when you can take a bag lunch to work, the cost of a full price movie ticket when you could see the matinee.

When you see how these little expenses add up each month, it can motivate you to make different choices. It’s one thing to know how to save for Disney World. But, when you find big pots of gold in your day to day spending that you can cut, suddenly saving for Disney isn’t so hard.

4. Awaken your inner misanthrope (Avoid the crowds).

Scrooge McDuck isn’t exactly known for his love of people. He’s named after Ebenezer Scrooge, after all. And, Disney World is likely a place Scrooge would never find himself on a crowded, busy day. When looking for ways to save money for Disney World, this one’s all about planning!

Stretch your Disney vacation budget by traveling during the value season.

Traveling to Disney World outside of peak season can save you money on everything from travel expenses like plane tickets to lodging, hotel fees and rental cars. If you can travel in the off season, you could save hundreds. Here’s a list of peak travel times (those with the highest attendance) and non-peak travel times.

5. Don’t be afraid to be stingy.

Scrooge is known for his stinginess. And while he takes it too far sometimes, his head is in the right place. Because he worked so hard to accumulate his wealth, he uses a lot of discretion in how, where and why he spends his money.

When saving for Disney, use discretion and be a bit stingy. As you plan your vacation, don’t feel pressured to do all the extras! We’ve been to Disney many times and rarely add on meal plans or luxury experiences.

Don’t spring for all the extras as they add up quickly. Instead of paying for all your food in the Disney parks, bring your own snacks. Pick one or two paid ativities you really want to see or do, and skip the rest of the pricey luxury experiences. You’ll still have a good Disney experience without paying for all the bells and whistles.

When considering how to save for Disney World, there’s a lot you can do when you channel your inner Scrooge McDuck. Saving for Disney with a dedicated vacation savings account provides a spot for your vacation money. Looking at how to save for Disney World by cutting unnecessary expenses during the week helps build your vacation fund faster. And, one of the easiest ways to save money for Disney World is to travel in the off season when prices (and crowds) are lower.